"B" litter



Father: "Frankie"
Mother: "Morgan"

puppies borned  at 12 02. 2008.

Pedigree of the puppies


1. Red-white girl (Brittany-Ann) 373gr
2. Red-white boy (Buddy) 337 gr
3. Red-white boy (Byron) 338 gr


The first morningThe first feeding


CorgipackPlaygroundBritany-Ann and Byron

Buddy is sleeping...Siesta with momThe babysitter

Family to gether...wid mom...  (10 days old)knocked out...

thereesome... ( 2 weeks old )

Byron & Brittany-Ann ( eyes are open!)ByronBuddy " Spencer" :)

look at me...the teamlazyness

Buddy don't sleep, come to play!!some challengeByron & Brittany-Ann : some challenge

Byron vs Brittany-AnnBuddy bro's !

 Buddy "Specer" upside down

Hi Mom!Face to face  (Buddy & Morgan)mother's love

kiss   (Buddy & Morgan)Corgi Family, attention!corgi snoozle    (Buddy)


ByronByron & CsengeByron & Csenge

Buddy & Brittany-Annand Byron

Brittany-Ann & ArwenBuddy Byron

Byron & Buddy Brittany-Ann & Byron

Buddy, Byron, Brittany-AnnThe team


Byron & Arwen

Brittany-Ann Byron & Buddy

Byron Byron

Brittany-Ann and the ballBuddy and the ballByron and the ball

Brittany- Ann ( 6 weeks old )Buddy ( 6 weeks old )Buddy ( 6 weeks old )

Byron ( 6 weeks old )Buddy and Brittany-Ann


Buddy  & ArwenBuddy



Brittany-Ann ( 7 weeks old )Buddy  ( 7 weeks old )Byron  ( 7 weeks old )

Buddy, Byrob, Brittany-AnnBuddy, Byron, Brittany-AnnBuddy, Byron, Brittany-Ann

Brittany-Ann and the boneBuddy and the boneByron

give mee !  (Brittany-Ann & Buddy)Byron and the bonelook here is a bone...  (Brittany-Ann)

Byrongang-bang  (Brittany-Ann & Byron)the prize  (plush duck)

Morgan & Brittany-Ann

come,come,come on...  (Arwen & Buddy)Arwen & ByronArwen & Brittany-Ann

Arwen & BuddyArwen & Buddy & Byronthe family


Morgan & Byron

Csenge & Brittany-AnnCsenge & BuddyCsenge & Byron

Brittany-AnnByron & Brittany-AnnPatrik & Byron


together...to be lazy is fine...


Who's toy is it?Byron & BuddyI've got you Mom...  (Buddy)

Brittany-Ann & Csenge


Szilvi & Brittany-Ann Szilvi & Buddy-boySzilvi & Byron-boySzilvi and the corgi puppys

Arany-Ligeti Nemes family

Arwen, Morgan, BuddyKamilla on the roof... Kamilla is coming!

Arwen & MorganSzilvi, Gyuri, Morgan, Arwen, Buddy

Brittany-AnnBuddy "Spencer"Byron


play with Arwenplay with Arwenplay with Arwen

I will get you! (Buddy)Arwen & Buddyfamili "duck hunting"

Kamilla arrived. Where is the cat?our entrance!

Buddy-boy after the shower

Buddy új családja társaságában (Évával és Danival)

Éva & Dani & Buddy

playingByronwe are tired... (Brittany-Ann & Byron)

I'm tired... (Byron)good night... (Byron)

Byron on bathByron on bath

Byron after the bath

Frau Eckardt, Masja, Byron, Szilvi  (2008.05.13.)

Brittany-Ann (3 months old)Brittany-Ann (3 months old)

Excursion by Normafa

Patrik, Brittany-Ann & MorganCsenge & Brittany-Ann


Byron in he's new home

/ Bad-schwalbach - Germany /

Masja and Byron first meet 2008.mayspecial moment :)Masja and Byron in the garden

Byron and MasjaByron 4 months oldOh, yessss... :)

playground in the garden :)lazyafternooncan wi go sleep...?

Byron and he's cup of teewhat is outhere?Byron

atleast sleep...!Byron in the livingroom :)

Masja & Byron 2008.07.31.Masja  2008. 07. 31.

Byron - Bad Schwalbach 2008.07.31.

Masja & Byron

siestaByron in the new ladder

Byron & Masja's cups

Byron 2009.Byron 2009.

Byron & Masja 2009.Frau Eckardt & Byron & Masja 2009.




Dunakeszi  2008.augustBrittany-Ann & Arwen - DunakesziDunakesz  2008.august

Dunakeszi  2008.august  Csenge & Brittany-Ann


Normafa: Mom and doughtersNormafa    2008.augustNormafa   2008.august