Father: "Bastian"
Mother: "Morgan"

puppies borned  at 20 07. 2007.

Pedigree of the puppies

                                          1: tricolor boy - Aragorn
                                          2: tricolor girl - Arwen
                                          3: sable-white girl - Andunié (+ 2007.08.10.)

Borning First minutes after born Dry, hungry, but mom is nowhere
Foooooood.... After feed First morning together
Knocked out... Aragorn
Arwen Andunié
Andunié 2 days old Andunié
Aragorn Arwen and Pi the duck
Feeding at the 4. day Feeding at the 6. day
Feeding at the 6. day Relax
Aragorn 10 days old Arwen 10 days old Andunié 10 days old

Andunié2 weeks old

Thinking about... (Arwen)Food blackout

Corgis upsidedown (Aragorn, Andunié)Deep sleep (Arwen)


Brotha'sCsenge and the dwarfsPlayAragornArwenAndunié

She is just a memory...

"Beyond the rainbow bridge..."
August 10. 2007.

3 weeks old3 weeks old3 weeks old

Csenge and ArwenCsenge and Aragorn


Our flat is too tight...Bad boys

Arwen 4 weeks oldArwen 4 weeks old

Aragorn 4 weeks oldAragorn 4 weeks old

Arwen 5 weeks oldAragorn 5 weeks old

be cool...Arwen

What is it??? ( 6 weeks old )Attention Mini Team !

Arwen. Who plays with me?Aragorn and Tibi the roaster.


After dinnerAfter dinner



Good night guys!

AragornMorgan & Aragorn

The Family ( 7 weeks old )The Family ( 7 weeks old )

The Family ( 7 weeks old )Arwen & Aragorn


Morgan & ArwenMorgan & Aragorn

ArwenAragorn, when he's ears standing

It's a hard days night...my ears not standing anymore :(

Mom Mary and Aragorn


The Mini Team 11 weeks oldArwen & Aragorn

GroupshotThe corgi family and Szilvi

First walkMom Mary and the Mini Team

Aragorn after walk



Aragorn & Lillla & Szilvi (2007.10.13.)


Aragorn at home

Aragorn at the new homeAragorn and the elfAragorn and the sitter

The first snow... (Aragorn)Merry Christmas!

Aragorn 8 months old

The "A" litter 2008.03.30.  8 months old: Arwen & Aragorn + MorganMorgan and her children + Lilla & Szilvi

Aragorn: csak egészségesen!

Visiting by Szekszárd...Visiting by Szekszárd...Visiting by Szekszárd...

Aragorn  (11 months old)

Happy First Birthday Aragorn!


Aragorn engage (1 year old !)Aragorn and the melone (1 year old !)Aragorn and the birthday bone! (1 year old !)